In Westfall, along the coast, there is a group of Defias that have an insane respawn rate. Use the command ‘/tloc 32,33′ (without the quotes), when you are in Westfall, and it will put a dot on your map showing you the spot. It is atop the cliffs along the coast, and there’s a lone windmill and a small building. The mobs are somewhat close together, so depending on your aggro radius, you might pull more than one. As a mage, I pulled together as many as I could and used Arc Explosion to instantly kill them. (They have about 200-250 hp each). They drop a tiny bit of copper, but they drop linen 2-3 at a time. In 25 minutes there, I had over 5 stacks of 20 linen (about 80s to 1g each). I also had about 3 or 4 low-level greens drop in that time period…I’m hoping that some low-level players will acquire these at the AH. So if you can handle Level 12-13 mobs quickly, but aren’t up for some of the tougher, better-loot-dropping mobs, this might be a good place to just grind. By the way…3 times in a row, I killed a group of 3 mobs instantly (the group by the building), and they respawned BEFORE I COULD LOOT ANYTHING! When I was done, I had a pile of 9 bodies in like 3 seconds. Note: some of the bodies would lock up if I tried to loot them…they were buggy. Just walk away from them until you stand up if that happens.

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  1. by emil, on September 17 2008 @ 4:51 am


    this is a very good guide it helpet me to get tons of gold

  2. by orion, on July 17 2009 @ 9:56 am


    the defias gaurds spawn faster than u can loot em at jareds landing to

  3. by Natey, on May 20 2010 @ 4:19 pm


    another awesome place, for someone with skinning is a plateau on built into the cliff in the southern area of Yorgen Farmstead in Duskwood. the respawn rates on the Worgen is crazy. even at 80 you cant kill the whole camp. as a skinner it works well since thw rogen drop a few silver and some leather. if you have mining too keep your eyes open for some copper, tin and iron veins that crop up around here. a rare also spawns in the cave called Nefaru, which is a guaranteed green item if he’s around. check it out, well worth a visit for someone able to easily take out level 30 camps.

  4. by Inocion, on February 8 2011 @ 6:20 am


    Anotehr great place in westfall is The Gnolls at Sentinal Hill, went there on my 85 had like 30 stcaks of linen cloth and 17 greens in about 10mins lol gotta love 30 second AoE :D they spawn immediatly after you kill them

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